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Contact information
Ulf and Lori Borg
Cornelius, NC
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America
In memory of Perfectly
Precious Piccolina (PiCCO)
Cardigan Commentary International
Agility info
American Kennel Club
Welcome to the official web site of the Borg Corgis.
The Borg Corgis are Millie and Petey they both enjoy
agility and herding but most of all they are part of our
We got our first Corgi (PiCCO) from Cindy Bossi. PiCCO
was intended as a pet and companion however Cindy
encouraged us to take obedience classes at least to
have an reasonable obedient dog. During these
obedience classes we could not help but notice PiCCO's
continued interest in the agility training that took place
simultaneously. One day we took PiCCO over to the
agility training and the rest as they say is history. We are
now completely hooked on agility. Unfortunately PiCCO
went to the rainbow bridge in August of 05.
Corgis are like chips, you cannot have only one so we
got Millie. Millie comes from Nancy Willoghby and is a
product of Ch Pecan Valley Run Ruby Run and Ch
Coedwig's Carbon Blue. Millie is of course an agility dog
with speed to spare. If she could only figure out that the
jumps are to be jumped and not just crashed through we
will go far.
Our second Corgi is Petey who we got after PiCCO past
away. Petey is sweet dog that is a product of Pluperfect
Pattern and Merrymoon Pluperfect Poppy. Petey is on
his way to become an agility dog. We have nick named
him the "librarian" from the look he gives you when he
has done something less desirable.
Rubad's Pal Mille Foglia of PP (Millie)
Pluperfect Merrymoon Peptide (Petey)
Am Can Intl Ch Live Oak Try Fer Gold (Burnie) stud dog to Millie's puppies.
GiGi went to over the Rainbow bridge
today 1-2-07. She was already on her
way to a successful show career she
had 11 points including 1 major. She
was 8 months old. We will miss her
PiCCO's Pals Ragazza Rosso (Rosie) is staying with us.
Rosie is wild as ever and is very similar to her mother
Rosie has now started her show career and will be shown
by Viva Ridderhoff. The past weekend (3-17/18) Rosie
was shown in Houston and got WB and BOW both days
thanks to excellent handling by Viva and Analise.
Next show is in Fort Worth on March 24th and 25th.
Millie has resumed her Agility competitions with her first trial of the year in Charlotte, NC. No legs earned since we
are still lacking a good start line stay. We have been training with Lynne Stephens in Statesville, NC. Lynne is a
former GB world team member and has helped us tremendously. The speed is
still good we are usually 10 - 20
seconds under course time despite redoing weaves 4 times and arguing about the proper table position for 5-8
Petey debuted in the agility ring at the Charlotte show and earned two legs in Novice JWW. The
standard course was full of "evil spirits" in the tunnels so no legs in NA. However, Petey did fantastic on all other
obstacles and had a great time. Petey's speed is all as good as Millie's so I get my monies worth on every run.
Millie is introducing a new way of clearing the tire jump
Web site last updated 03-22-07
PiCCO's Pals Ernia now Commander
Buzz Lightyear lives in Ohio.
PiCCO's Pals
Cornelius, NC